Intro: How Chapstick turned us green

Taylor and I are green scientists, and we’re starting a new experiment.  But this isn’t a typical project because we intend for it never to end…

As chemistry PhD students we have recently learned just how awful some of the synthetic chemicals that we voluntarily expose ourselves to everyday are.  We’ve made a pact to cut toxins our of our lives, and we’re starting here and now. Curiously, it was my beloved chapstick (ingredients: bioaccumulative reproductive toxins and not much else) that convinced us to really do this.

The purpose of our experiment is to live healthier, greener lives that impact the environment as little as possible. We’re going to be patient, we’re going to be thrify, and we’re going to be green.  My advisor Terry always lectures that sustainability is a vector. It’s about commitment and direction, not the place you are in right now. It will take some time, but we are determined to get there. In the mean time, we invite you to follow our scientific but lighthearted approach to sharing our story.

So here we go: We decided the first things that needed to go were the products that touched our bodies every day.  Lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, deodorant, toothpaste, hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, lotion, etc. After some extensive internet research and too much time spent in Whole Foods googling ingredients, we’ve started our detox.

To get an idea about what we are doing, give this video called the “The Story of Stuff” a shot. Maybe it will encourage you to leave a greener wake too!


2 thoughts on “Intro: How Chapstick turned us green

  1. Cool idea. I think it will be really interesting how conscious you become about decisions regarding what products come into and out of your lives. Also how much fun you can have with it all. I have some friends who are really into living responsibly and while not increasing expenses (both are like second nature to them now). They also happen to be some of the most interesting and fun people I know. They can cook incredibly with healthy food (different cuisines/spices/plants/etc), and make things, like homemade beauty products. From it all, they’ve learned a lot along the way and it always inspires me when I’m hanging around them. They have a cool picture blog which I get caught up in from time to time:
    Good luck to u guys.

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