The Little Things

Lately, I’ve been feeling frustrated in my quest to “green” my life, and I realized today it’s because the desire to green me has turned into a desire to green the whole world. I want so badly to convince others to believe in what I doing, to understand that we’re destroying our bodies and the environment without even knowing it.  In my attempts to thoroughly research everything I want to blog about, I get distracted by trying to find a perfect solution. I need to remind myself that the little things do make a difference even though they can never be perfect and that eventually I will figure out what to do with all of this knowledge.

In the spirit of making the little things count, here are some of the ways Taylor and I have greened our lives recently:

  • This past weekend, I roasted a whole chicken. A two and half lb. free range organic chicken cost about the same as buying just one lb. of chicken breasts, and we got a fancy dinner out of it, sandwiches the next day, and about 2 quarts of stock to make soup. Buying a whole bird is more sustainable because processing and packaging are minimized. Plus, it was local!


  • We’ve starting doing most of our grocery shopping at the local co-op and we don’t plastic bag our produce.
  • We use cloth napkins (or nothing if they’re all dirty, ha) and dishcloths in the kitchen instead of paper towels.
  • We’ve been buying fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate.
  • We save every empty container, whether plastic, glass, or paper, that may have a future use.
  • We reuse ziplock bags like nobody’s business.
  • We only turn on the lights we need.
  • We haven’t ordered anything online in weeks.

Here’s an update on our green habits pledge from three weeks ago:

  • We haven’t taken a single elevator.
  • We’ve only driven twice.
  • We’ve only taken the garbage out once, and have started quite a compost pile at Taylor’s house. It’s amazing just how much of our daily waste is from food.

Finally, here is a cool product I recently received from my aunt (thank you!) that helps minimize the use of plastic wrap, foil, and plastic bags.  It’s a silicone lilypad that suctions to the top of bowls, keeping food fresh and scents in.  I don’t know much about the safety of silicone, especially under high heat, but I love using this to cover bowls in the fridge. lilypad


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