Safer Cosmetics (Product Review)

I have never worn much makeup compared to most American women, but in January I quit cosmetics almost completely (for a few weeks).  The number of known carcinogens in mainstream makeup is shocking.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised considering that cosmetics aren’t regulated by the FDA.

I used to wear Clinique. Then I discovered the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and started to read about the ingredients in my favorite mascara, which has a high hazard rating.  Ugh.

Most of the toxic chemicals in cosmetics are found in many other body products, which I discussed here.  If you’d like to read more about which ingredients to avoid first, check out this list from The Daily Green.

My makeup free weeks in January were a great detox, but I do enjoy funky colored eyeliners, so I decided to hunt for some new makeup and settled on Coastal Classic Creations, touted as the lowest (safest) rated cosmetic company on Skin Deep.  

I like this: “Our mission at Coastal Classic Creations® is to create cosmetics and personal care products without ingredients, which are known, or which are suspected of causing harm to the environment and human health.” And they have pages and pages of ingredients explained and researched to back it up. I feel confident that our ethics are in sync.

I purchased a tube of “Whispering Seas” Mascara in black, which came with a 1g sample of eyeshadow.  I chose “Ecosystem,” a purplish brown.

What I like about my new makeup so far:

  • They shipped in minimal packaging with instructions on how to reuse and recycle the bubble wrap.
  • I can apply the eyeshadow as a liner with a brush, either wet or dry, and the mascara is not clumpy or raccoon-y.
  • Neither are waterproof, but removal requires soap, which makes them act more waterproof than expected.
  • The trial size eyeshadow is more than enough for me, and trial sizes are very affordable!
  • The ingredients are disclosed. The research section of their website is a great resource for body product ingredients.

Bottom line: I like it. I may even buy some for my little sister for her birthday! (Little sister, do you ever read my blog?)


2 thoughts on “Safer Cosmetics (Product Review)

  1. Oh thank you thank you for doing this research! I only wear mascara, because my eyelashes are so light without it that I just look half-asleep, but I’m sure the well-known brand I use is just awful in so many ways. I will check out Coastal Classic Creations, stat! 🙂

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