DIY upcycled wine bottle “watering can”

Have you every accidentally crushed seedlings by watering them too forcefully? I certainly have, and it makes me sad every time. But never fear! I have created a simple alternative to clumsily trying to water plant babies with a drinking glass.

My lettuce is very fragile

My lettuce is very fragile

At first, a plastic water bottle with holes poked into the top seemed like the perfect solution to my seedling watering woes, but I don’t want to feed my lettuce water that has been stored in plastic any more than I want to drink bottled water myself.



Here is a more elegant (and plastic free) DIY upcycled watering can made from a wine bottle.  It’s super easy to make, and has a nice long narrow neck for reaching the bases of plants.


  • Empty screw top wine bottle
  • Thumb tack


With the tack, poke a bunch of holes through the top of the wine bottle. Take the top off and make sure the holes are unobstructed.  On my cap I removed a plastic liner like on the inside of soda bottles.  Fill the bottle up with water, put the cap back on, and that’s it!  The bottle doesn’t squeeze like a plastic one, but shaking nicely creates a steady stream of water.


Green watering tip: Reduce your water usage by saving water when you run the sink from hot to cold or from abandoned drinking glasses to water plants.


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